Arak Power Brush, is a power tooth brush designed to use Arak twig-sections (made from the Salvadora persica tree commonly known as Sewak/Meswak) for their the historical dental benefits and aiming to reduce plastic waste vs. conventional tooth brushes. The goal is increased sustainability of such a fast moving product in the consumer market. The design lines are kept aesthetic and modern while meeting the anthropometric and comfort needs of the user. Limiting the waste to the organic prepped twig section (insert); which the user simply installs in the space designated for it. The insert will be sold either prepped for direct use or prepped by the user at home using common household tools. Motor speed and gearbox ratios have been adjusted to match those of an organic insert vs. the conventional plastic fibers used in common tooth brushes. Lithium battery and a cam'd mechanism are used to provide such gentle motion while keeping the motor loads to an appropriate level. The base design is kept minimal , which will acts as a stand and an induction charger, also has a drain channel. It has a water-proof wood base to complement the Arak Twig in nature and wood like texture. Multiple color options where created to match different user tastes.
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